DIYE: Do it yourself effectively.

I am a technology tutor, consultant, and contractor. 1Technologist is a showcase of what one self-educated person can build, and a resource for anyone who wants to develop a globally accessible media presence.

I provide production guidessupport services, and support packages that enable you to use digital publishing technology to create websites, eBooks, interactive documents, and digital / logistical workflows.

Production guides walk you through a process start to finish — following steps to complete projects.

Support services do things for you — completing tasks too intimidating, unfamiliar, or complex to perform easily.

Support packages include both guides and services — I build things with you, teach you how to keep them running and add or edit content, and step in when you need help.

If you are earnest about using technology effectively, and insist on learning efficiently, your education and empowerment are my priorities.

I look forward to working with you.


Mo Lohaus is a former managing editor of Mondo2000, the tech magazine that foresaw the internet revolution. Mo has been a user consultant for various software platforms since 1987, enjoys empowering creativity, and considers it a sacred duty to help you design and implement a system for presenting your offerings to the world.

Text / Voice: 510.990.0440
Email: 1[at]1Technologist[dot]com